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  • Timing my espresso - Gaggia Pure

    Gday all,

    I just took delivery of my first espresso machine this morning - a 2nd hand Gaggia Pure.

    Im using it with my Breville Smart Grinder, and already getting results that Im very happy with.

    One question though - the more expensive machines Ive used had timed shots for singles & doubles.  This just has a pump on / off switch.

    In terms of timing how long a shots taking, what am I looking for?  The water to be coming out clear?  Something else?

    Im trying to dial in the right tamp pressure / coffee volume / grind, and its tricky without knowing what length of time its taking to pull a shot right now.

    Anyway, TIA, and thanks to CS generally for all the advice that has lead me to this point!  Ive learned a lot lurking here already, you guys are an amazing resource :-)


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    Re: Timing my espresso - Gaggia Pure

    30ml/60ml (single/double) in 30 seconds with the extraction being stopped when the stream starts to blond.

    Java "Sipping on goodness" phile
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      Re: Timing my espresso - Gaggia Pure

      Ahh, exactly what I was after. Thanks, Java!