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Sunbeam EM5600 + EM0450 extraction

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  • Sunbeam EM5600 + EM0450 extraction

    Just upgraded to a new EM0450 grinder with an unpressurised portafilter basket for my Sunbeam EM5600 and cant seem to get a proper extraction

    There is pretty much two scenarios that occur:
    1. I grind too course and the shot is extracted too quickly (tried a harder tap but this didnt really help)
    2. I grind finner and the group handle turn and it seem like the pressure is too much for the machine... :-/

    Any ideas guys? :-?

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    Re: Sunbeam EM5600 + EM0450 extraction

    Welcome and nice to hear the upgrade

    how many clicks are there between "too fine" and "too coarse"? The "sweet spot" is a on a kife edge, and small changes either side will produce (as youve found) gushers or blockers ;D

    Unfortunately some grinders make the steps too large so you cant get right on top of that sweet spot.

    If this is the case, and theres only one click between gushing or blocked, stick to the blocked setting but tamp lighter and dose less.

    Also, what beans and when were they roasted? If theyre older than 2/3 weeks from the roast date, youll have to grind finer, potentially pushing you over the limit.

    Hope that helps