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Gloria Jean G-79 machine?

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  • Gloria Jean G-79 machine?

    Has anyone bought or investigated this machine ( the Gloria Jean G-79 ) ??
    I need to replace my aging and now non-functioning Krupps machine.
    Can anyone recommend it or should I be looking at something else in the $400 price range.
    thanks for any thoughts.


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    Re: Gloria Jean G-79 machine?

    Looks vaguely like a Francis Francis knock-off, Not entirely sure its worth the money.

    All the information Ive found is rather, sketchy as to what the machine offers, Just that it has a 15psi (italian!) pump (wow, Thats original) has a 58mm group handle, three way solenoid, and Im hazarding a guess that it runs off a small boiler. (why else would they have a thermometer on the front?)

    Possibly worth it if you like the look of the FrancisFrancis machines but dont have the cash for one, but Im guessing its likely style over substance, given that the marketing seems to be towards the fashionable lady who thinks that GJs is fantastic coffee :


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      Re: Gloria Jean G-79 machine?

      I have bought one. Got it for $300 and have found it to be quite good. I have previously had a gaggia baby dose and a classic and I honestly believe this makes better coffee. Crema is great on this machine and the temperature gauge is really useful. for the price I am very happy with my purchase. This machine definitely feels more solid than both the gaggias and the wife loves it cause it looks nice. I have used lots of different machines and have found this one to be more than worthy. My mum just bought a sunbeam twin thermoblock (em6910 I think is the model $700 odd??) the same week I bought this one and I have compared both with the same coffee and grinders and the Gloria jeans wins hands down. Havent pulled it apart yet to check out the internals but probably will soon and will let you all know when I do.


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        Re: Gloria Jean G-79 machine?

        If any sponsor wants to borrow it for the day to evaluate Im more than happy. I live in Peakhurst nsw and work in Sylvania. More than happy to drop it off one morning if need be so long as I get it back before the next morning.


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          Don't buy it.

          Do not buy this machine. I got to see the original prototypes at the Aroma festival in Sydney a year ago. That one was good for the price, especially as they promised a huge range of colours. Whatever they're selling now isn't.

          The first time, I bought it from the Oxford Street store in Sydney. After opening it, I discovered it was used. I called them and was told that a customer had returned it, so they accidentally sold it to me - for $4 higher than RRP.

          So I finally got a new one sent to me. I was very excited. From using it, the extraction is decent but not worth $400.

          The steam wand, however, isn't worth $3. They claim the machine heats up in under three minutes. The steam wand was giving very weak steam after a full five minutes of heating. The second I started steaming, the machine started making little fart-like noises as it tried to maintain the weak pressure. It takes ages to foam anything.

          So I tried to take it back to the Queen Street store I bought it from. This meant re-packing the machine and taking it back to their store on my birthday. At this point, the staff had no idea what to do and made me take it back home after standing around in the store, saying their manager would call me. The manager didn't call me at all. I then called customer service, who said they would call me back.

          The next day, customer service called and told me to take it back to the store. So I did. Turns out, they still had no idea what to do. So I had to call customer service on my mobile in-store and have them call up the shop. Finally, I got my money back. In fairness, the lady at the Macarthur Square store was incredibly helpful during my attempt to return it.

          Admittedly, the individual machine itself could have been faulty. However, as it would be the second machine I had an issue with I don't like their integrity. I decided to just buy a Rancilio Silvia V3 from Jet Black Espresso in Cremorne. It arrived less than a day after I bought it and I got it for $696 on sale, delivered. The staff were helpful even through email and phone calls. The Silvia is amazing with an insanely powerful steam wand.

          You're much better off adding $300 on to this machine and buying the Silvia. Honestly.

          So, in short:
          Extraction - not worth $395
          Steam wand - not worth $3
          Customer service - you'd have to GIVE me $400 to try it again.
          Buy a Silvia.
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