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First machine purchase, am a little confused.

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  • First machine purchase, am a little confused.

    I realize that this may be the equivilent of going on to a Ferrari site and asking about a Ford Fiesta, but I am a total novice who is bunkrupting my family with my coffee buying. I would like to buy a machine to get my daily hit, and am debating between a Breville 800ES or a Sunbeam EM4800. Can anyone shed any light that might help me with this decision? Cheers.

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    Re: First machine purchase, am a little confused.

    When it comes down to it at this level

    "which machine do you prefer the look of"

    Both have similar operational abilities, both make near enough to identical coffees, Heck, Id even go so far as to say that the group handles have identical lugs.

    So yeah, Get the one you think will meet with the significant others approval, Dont forget to budget in a proper grinder (sunbeam em0450 is the lowest ranked we like)

    All up, you should be able to find a deal for under 500 with enough left over for fresh coffee beans from your local cafe.

    Just remember, Fresh coffee is best, Read up on the information thats discussed in this forum, and above all...

    Enjoy the Journey


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      Re: First machine purchase, am a little confused.

      Hi Emma and welcome to CS!

      For me, when youre looking at budget and around $500 to spend I would always prefer a used "Ferrari" instead of a brand new "Ford Fiesta" using your analogy.

      The thing to understand is that you can get a bargain used machine like a Lelit or Rancilio even a Bezzera if you have patients and watch the internet classifieds and auction sites and ofcourse here in the coffee hardware for sale. For example, I got my ECM Giotto for under $500 which just needed a deep clean and got my bro in law a Bezzera BZ99 for $450 in perfect condition. These machines will outlast you and me and up to a certain price will retain its worth. Much less can be said about the consumer machines youre currently debating about.

      A decent commercial grinder can be found sometimes for under $200 too and again these things will last a very long time. Good luck!


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        Re: First machine purchase, am a little confused.

        Hi Emma,

        I have to agree with the two comments made above. However a budget is a budget and its something that people dont like to brake. I also started on the same path which you seem to be standing on. Yes quailty of the coffee produced to some degree comes from the machine we use. However we all must start somewhere.

        Like mentioned above do consider a grinder as this is arguably is more important than than machine you choose to buy. good luck with your desision and welcome to Coffeesnobs




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          Re: First machine purchase, am a little confused.

          Thanks for the replies. Seems the grinder is a bigger deal than I had anticipated. And to complicate things, I have been given a Consumer report (I am in NZ) that recommends the Sunbeam EM5600 and which slates the two I had been considering, although those two were not chosen on anything more than being the most prevelent! The EM5600 seems pretty cheap so maybe my money would be best spent on this and a good grinder, then I will always have the good grinder and can upgrade the machine when I fall further into this coffee world.


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            Re: First machine purchase, am a little confused.

            Just as an aside, the Consumer report said that the best cheaper machine was the Breville BES860 but over here that is a little pricier. One might appear second hand though I guess...


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              Re: First machine purchase, am a little confused.

              Originally posted by 466E6E624D6C756A6066030 link=1330545672/5#5 date=1330570331
              but over here that is a little pricier
              The Bes860 includes an inbuilt grinder. I had a good run with one until I upgraded to the Bes900.

              Just as important as the machines used, is the coffee quality and freshness and the skill of the operator.