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  • espresso machine repair

    Hello, I purchased a Gaggia baby dosata from ebay. it is not working. No water comes out, the coffee in the portafilter remains completely dry.

    It turns out the seller is an acquaintance - so it is no problem to get my money back ($70) but it looks like a good machine so i would like to investigate repair.
    Does anyone have any suggestions for a repairer? or whether this is worhwhile?
    I have got a quote for $77 for one hours labour in Capalaba (I live in the city), but of course I have no idea what is wrong.
    I am a time and cash poor PhD student, so if this machine doesnt work out I will be french pressing for now. i would be very grateful for any advice on repairers in Brisbane (ideally inner city) Thanks :-)

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    Re: espresso machine repair

    Clogged pipe somewhere?

    Burned out pump?

    blown controller switchgear?

    internally severed electricity cable?

    Could be any number of things. could be expensive to fix, could be as cheap as spending 10 dollars on some descale solution and working it through.

    if you could tell us a bit more information, it might be helpful

    else it could be a case of "well I didnt think I had to fill the tank with water".


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      Re: espresso machine repair

      Have you asked the acquaintance if it was working?

      Does it make a noise when you try to run the pump?