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Newbie needing help

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  • Newbie needing help

    Hey guys,

    New to the site and though might ask for a few tips.

    Wanting to spend about $500 for either sunbeam or breville, but no idea what to look for.

    What would you guys buy, if you knew what you knew now.
    Ie, coffee machine and grinder set up recommendation?

    Thanks for reading and look forward to suggestions...

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    Re: Newbie needing help

    Hehe this question comes up a lot. Ive had a Breville 820 and sunbeam 6910 and Id go for the sunbeam over any Breville except the 900.

    I used to say the same for the sunbeam grinder but now the Breville smart grinder trumps it. Stay away from the Breville BCG 450 (grinder).

    You may or may not have luck getting the combo for $500 though.



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      Re: Newbie needing help

      Buy the best possible grinder you can for the money you can afford, its more important to get that right, then it is for the Machine, My suggestion, Breville Smartgrinder, and either a Sunbeam EM4800/EM4820 a Breville 800 Series, or a Saeco Via Venezia

      Might tip you over the budget if you dont shop around, but youd have a fairly bulletproof setup after that, and certainly one you can improve on as your skills improve


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        Re: Newbie needing help

        yeah, I never knew the grinder was important until I found this forum. ;D

        Will look into grinders, but looks like the Breville will be the go. =)