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Presso vs other equipment

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  • Presso vs other equipment

    Hi everyone,
    I was wondering if I could get some opinions of what I should expect from a Presso machine I am considering buying.

    My story with coffee is that I have used first dripolator, plunger, moka pot and until now I received as a gift a Breville 800es with a grinder.

    I have used the Breville 800es for the last 2 years until it finally died the other day. Not having used anything better than this I was happy with the coffees I was making (mostly flat whites). I have since had to go back to using my moka pot for coffee while I decide what equipment I should buy next.

    My problem is that I dont have a lot of faith in the way most electrical appliances are manufactured today. Even spending a large sum of money does not seem to guarantee an appliance that will last many years. I didnt pay for my breville as it was a gift but at the time it was selling for around $400 and I would be rather annoyed having to fork out for a new coffee machine just outside of the warranty period every year or two.

    I love the idea of keeping things simple which is one of the things I like about a moka pot. I have seen the Presso which is also a simple machine with no electrical parts to go wrong.

    So my question is will a Presso make better coffee than a moka pot and how does the presso compare to my old Breville 800es?

    I occassionally drink espresso but most coffees I make are flat white, cappucino style.

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    Re: Presso vs other equipment

    Hi. I went through the same process after my gaggia died and I ended up with a La Pavoni Europiccola.