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New to it all... Gaggia coffee deluxe and gaggia grinder (not sure of model)

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  • New to it all... Gaggia coffee deluxe and gaggia grinder (not sure of model)

    Hi everyone
    This is my first post and Ive really only recently discovered the site. Just thought Id say hi and describe my setup to see if anyone has any great tips for better coffee.

    First my history in coffee- Im fairly new to it all. My parents bought a Rancilio Silvia and Rocky grinder a couple of years ago so I learnt to pull shots on that and can get great shots and great milk from that. A few months ago I got my grinder and an aeropress and quite liked it but the inability to produce crema eventually persuaded me to get a second hand gaggia coffee deluxe. The aeropress is good for a long black though!

    After reading it on here I didnt even use the milk frothing attachment and now am quite happy with how it textures milk just using the steel tube and the first part of the black plastic bit (I dont use the black cylilnder bit that is supposed to go over it). I was going to do the silvia steam wand mod mentioned on here but am happy with the current setup for now.

    At first I found I wasnt getting much crema on my shots but after dialing in the grind a bit better its going pretty well. I have descaled it a few times with citric acid because at first the water coming out of it was milky, then after a couple of litres of the acid mix it was spitting out little white chunks of scale. Now its running pretty well clear although when I get time I think Ill pull it apart completely and soak/scrub the boiler and anything else I can.

    Im thinking Ill probably get a sunbeam cafe series grinder, mainly because I want to be able to grind straight into the basket and they get such a good review. Ive been watching the evil-bay and the for sale section in here and they seem to be able to be purchased for a good price.

    So I guess this is just a hello and also is anyone out there using similar equipment with any tips? Im very much at the start of the journey and open to tips suggestions. One day Im sure Ill upgrade my machine but Im happy at the moment.

    ps please excuse the poor photography lighting and the mess on the bench!