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scale deposits in my water- Gaggia coffee deluxe

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  • scale deposits in my water- Gaggia coffee deluxe

    Hi all
    Ive bought a second hand Gaggia coffee deluxe that was obviously very un-maintained. When I first got it the water coming out of it was almost milky and yuck. It didnt taste bad but was a bit off putting. So I did a descale with 2 litres of a citric acid mix- about 1 tsp per 2L.
    No better
    Then I did another 2L, this time about 2 tsp per 2L. Slightly better after running another couple of litres of clean water through it. After the machine sits turned off though (say overnight), it always has these little deposits still coming out of it. I figure theyre not going to come out in the espresso because of the coffee grinds and very little would come through in the steam wand- its mainly when you take water out for a long black.

    Next step is to pull the whole machine apart and clean the boiler etc but I thought Id ask first if anyone else has had this problem and do I need a specific descaler or do I need to concentrate on a specific part of the machine?

    I have removed the showerscreen each time I descaled but havent removed the group head which I guess is another obvious one.

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    Re: scale deposits in my water- Gaggia coffee deluxe

    Hi kieren,

    I do not have the Gaggia coffee deluxe but I read somewhere that it has an aluminum boiler. Some people recommend using tartaric acid instead of citric acid on those (citric being too harsh).

    Anyway your grinder from another post looks to be a Gaggia MM. Im not sure how you find the grinds but a lot of people say its not really up to making good espresso. I have the Gaggia MDF which is a step higher than the MM, and although its built like a tank I actually wish it were stepless sometimes.

    Good luck restoring your new toys


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      Re: scale deposits in my water- Gaggia coffee deluxe

      Thanks for that. Ive been unsure about the grinder but as I said Im new to it so I probably am unable to make that judgement. However, I heard so many good things about the sunbeam em0480 I bought one of those the other day so when it arrives Ill see how the difference is.

      Is it worth buying the proper descaler stuff for the extra price?


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        Re: scale deposits in my water- Gaggia coffee deluxe

        Well personally I just plan to descale with a vinegar solution (as one of the recommendations in my machines manual), but thats because I only feed it with filtered water. Since you bought your machine used, I reckon it might be worth the $$ to descale as recommended by Gaggia at least once? There should be something specific to your boiler in the Saeco shops.

        As for the grinder, when your em0480 comes, try to grind at the finest setting -- it should come out very very fine (like baby powder). If it doesnt, you might need to ask for those shim kits from Sunbeam. Just experiment with your setup to find the grind that will give you the best shot. When dialing in the grinder, try to keep your dose and tamp consistent and look for the pour that gives you the 20-30sec shot (counted from the time you turn on the pump, and turn off the pump when the shot turns blond). Im quite sure you would have read up a lot on that though.

        There are many espresso gurus lurking here so just search through the archives for gelp, or post a specific question whenever needed.


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          Re: scale deposits in my water- Gaggia coffee deluxe

          Yes, I had read that stuff about a 20-30 sec shot but thanks so much for all that info. I had also read you can descale with vinegar too but my homebrew shop had citric acid cheap enough so i tried that first.
          Thanks again