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Sunbeam Espresso Vita Coffeemaker - EM6200 - new model?

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  • Sunbeam Espresso Vita Coffeemaker - EM6200 - new model?

    Howdy folks,

    I have just perused the latest some non-sponsor catalogue (The My Mum catalogue) and I came across the Sunbeam EM6200, looks like a new model and I cant find any details anywhere.


    I cant post links because I am a CS noob so you will need to cut and paste the above into the browser.

    The catalogue states its available from mid May at around $400 (Interestingly the catalogue only runs until the 13th of May)

    I have been searching for info on it for a day or so with no joy. Its not even on the sunbeam website!! 

    From what I can tell[list bull-blueball][*]Its a semi auto (has buttons)[*]Has a pressure gauge that looks like it came off the EM6910[*]Has a more serious group head than the Cafe Crema II, not sure if this is the same oversized (volume) group head that is on the EM6910[/list]
    Has anyone got any ideas/knowledge of this machine?

    I have seen a post on a separate website that indicated this would retail for $750 in NZ (Im keen to know more detailed tech specs and the AUD RRP, not catalogue pricing). 

    thanks in advance

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    Re: Sunbeam Espresso Vita Coffeemaker - EM6200 - new model?

    Looks to me like the EM5900 with a face-lift, pressure gauge and volumetric buttons. The group handle, steam wand and body (except for the top) are exactly the same as the 5900.