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  • Spidem Sovrana parts

    I have recently inherited a Spidem Sovrana which seems to be a reasonable machine. Its only problem is it has a very complicated pressure valve system in its portafilter. This is impossible to clean with out pulling the entire thing to pieces.
    I would like to get an unpressurised portafilter for this machine but my web search has turned up nothing. Does anyone know of a compatible PF for this machine?

    The basket OD is 55mm
    the PF OD is about 60 with two fairly long ears at 3 oclock and 9 oclock extending 4mm on each side

    I can post a picture or measured cad drawing if thats going to be a help.
    Also looking for somewhere i can get a new PF seal

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    Re: Spidem Sovrana parts

    no one has any clues???
    I have read on other forums that Spidem sometimes uses Saeco parts or that some are interchangeable but i have no way of knowing if this is true in this instance. Does anyone have any experience with this machine? It leaks in every possible place, so it really needs a pull down and service. It definitely needs a new PF seal, but it also leaks from the group when heating up and a little from the steam tip too.
    I took off the shower screen and the brass water disperser and found the little ball on the spring that seals the group from the boiler when the pumps not on, it looked fine with no obvious signs of damage or wear and i didnt want to go any further without some kind of schematic to know what i was getting into.
    Id appreciate some advice if you have experience with this machine, its perfect for the back of the car when we go away, all it needs is an service and an unpressurised PF.