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Naked Portafiler for Breville BES820

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  • Naked Portafiler for Breville BES820

    I'm looking for this PF but found nothing...
    Does anyone know if this PF exists, or any other company that has a PF that fits an Breville?


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    You might need to source a spare handle and have someone involved in metal fabrication cut off the bottom for you.


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      It does not exist, but it can be done...


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        Tks, and what about a normal PF?
        I spoke with Breville support and they said they only have the original one...
        I asked about the BES860 PF, it's look lika a Gaggia or other 58mm, but is 53mm and the 820 is 50mm... So, i'm looking for a 50mm PF from another machine to use in BES820.. anyone knows?


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          You could try a sunbeam PF from the 4800, or the 3800, or the 3600 their lugs are almost exactly identical to the BES820

          Failing that, you could use the PF from any of the lower end Breville units, as they also have the same lug pattern as the BES820

          There is no 'official' bottomless PF for most domestic espresso machines, Most people who have them, only do so because they produced it themselves by cutting the bottom off, It's not hard to do, Just takes 20 minutes with a 50mm holesaw


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            Like I said in the other thread, an ESP8 fits (well, it did in mine). I got mine from a Breville repair centre (they had a BES820 in for repairs to check for fit).