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Programmable machine with grinder?

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  • Programmable machine with grinder?

    Hi all,

    As I dosed in bed this morning I suddenly realised what is missing in my life - a programmable coffee maker with a grinder.

    I already have an espresso machine, but its great design flaw is that you have to get out of bed to use it. So I'm after a drip coffee maker, with a grinder, that is programmable.

    Amazon offers a couple, such as the Cuisinart DGB-625BC. Butis there anything like it in the Australian market that anyone knows of?

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    Welcome Tom,

    Presumably you would have to drag yourself out of bed to at least pour your coffee? I think you'd be better off putting a timer switch on your kettle, getting up when it boils, grind some fresh beans that haven't been sitting in your grinder for 8+ hours, and pouring over a simple 1-cup 'pour-over' coffee device.....or convince someone else to make your coffee.


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      Cold drip and a microwave 8 hour brew ties in with sleeping nicely

      I don't think there are many options in Aus for what you are after, A breville youbrew would do the trick but that's US only


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        My thoughts are as you were dozing in bed dreaming of this and you already have an espresso machine... then.... why not just get yourself
        an 'Espresso Wench' to serve you your desired brew from your existing machine each morning?
        See Simple easy and oh so much more satisfying.
        Yes I know I know this is an unacceptable suggestion.
        And now I'm probably going to be flogged to within an inch of loosing my espresso machine for this outrageous suggestion!
        I just don't know what I was thinking !