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Thanks from a long time browser!

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  • Thanks from a long time browser!

    Hi All,

    I've been wandering these forums for about 2 - 3 months now, in which time I've gone from being a total espresso n00b to pulling quite nice shots from my kit, bought on recommendations\reviews listed on here.

    My Kit (as it stands)

    Current espresso machine: Breville Cafe Roma w/ single wall baskets and an extra portafilter that I cut the bottom off to go naked! ($98 new from a NS)
    Current Drip machine: Breville Aroma Fresh
    Previous Grinder: Sunbeam EM0430
    Current Grinder: Breville BCG800 ($180 from a NS)
    Tamper: Breville 230g 51 mm Stainless Steel
    Knock Box: Dreamfarm Grindenstein Steel wool coloured

    Over the last 2 months since I got the Cafe Roma, I've gone from sloppy pucks and frequent over\under extracted shots to very drinkable shots, only having to throw the odd one or two down the sink.

    Thanks to all on these forums - all of you have been very, very helpful in the conversations that I've read when considering my investments into the world of being a Coffee Snob!

    - Michael

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    Well hello cousin I wondered what spurred on your recent coffee upgrades. Glad you are enjoying improving coffee!


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      Welcome aboard Michael,
      You know there is no turning back now.

      enjoy the learning and the journey to better coffee!


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        I'm sure you've started eyeing off new machines to go with the grinder....


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          Haha, yeah, the BES900 seems to be taking the most of my drooling hours presently, but with just having dropped this much coin in 3 months, a machine upgrade is quite a way off yet!!

          I'll get my skill up on the Cafe Roma and when I can't improve, or get sick of waiting to steam the milk after I've poured the shot, then I might look at getting a new machine. At the moment though, I'm happy with the kit I have

          Sanch - I was wondering how long it'd take you to find me - much, much quicker than expected!