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Aldi Lumina Signature espresso machine

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  • Aldi Lumina Signature espresso machine

    Some help please if possible.
    Forgot to empty dreg hopper and now every thing is jammed up. Can not extract the brewing group( it seems to be stuck in there).
    When it is turned on it goes click ckick click and then steam everywhere.
    Is this fixable or now a throw away.
    I hope someone can advise.


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    G'day Terry, and welcome.

    I'm pretty sure you're talking about the automatic aldi machine based on the symptoms you've described, beause I remember well the fatal 'click click click' that I used to hear when it would get jammed. Generally the problem was not from soiling so much as the components shuffling along the internal thread too much. To fix I would cycle on and off and hit the brew button a few times in varying order to try and get the working parts back into a position where the brew group could come free, then readjust the alignment with the little provided tool so it would all work smoothly again.

    The steam going everywhere is not something I remember though, which makes me think there may be a bigger problem than just the brew group being stuck. Is it still under warranty? If so, give them a call and see what they'll do. My experience with this was excellent, and ended up receiving a full refund, which came in handy for getting a nice new manual machine and grinder

    Sorry I couldn't provide a more concrete solution, hope it comes free soon.
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      Thank you, will try your suggestion. The machine is out of warranty, This is the second machine, the first was replaced under warranty.