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800es sticky switch! HELP!

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  • 800es sticky switch! HELP!

    Hello all,
    Please go easy on me! Its my first post and I am only just getting into this coffee making stuff. We've had our 800es for just over 2 years now and after discovering this site, I am being motivated to refine my rather poor skills to hopefully achieve a better brew.
    The trouble is, however that our machine doesnt appear to be in the best of health and before I go and spend $$ on upgrading baskets, tampers etc, I want to get the other issue sorted. The switch (to swap from pour to steam) works perfectly fine and smoothly when it isnt turned on, but once on and warmed up, it is almost impossible to move. It has slowly got worse since it fell out of warranty ;( Surely there is an easy fix for this? I havent got the skills to do it myself, but if someone out there knows a simple solution, I will get the other half onto it (he's a former electrician and although i cant get him to change light bulbs, the lure of getting the coffee machine working again - without having to figure it out himself - might just get him moving).
    Any help will be greatly appreciated!