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EM5900 pumping water straight into the tray

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  • EM5900 pumping water straight into the tray

    I've had this machine for about 9 months, matched with a rancilio rocky grinder and it's always been pretty decent with fresh beans.
    However, it all warms up correctly, the steam wand works, and the pump appears to sound normal.
    When trying to pump water through the group head with the 'coffee' button, it seems to just be dumping the water straight into the spill tray at the bottom with not even a drip coming out of the top.

    Anyone else had this happen?

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    Sounds like your three-way solenoid is blocked open, have you descaled recently?


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      Thanks for the reply mate - last descale was a few months ago, but probably not as often as I should have.
      Is the solenoid likely to become unblocked with any other cleaning solution, or shall I try and find somewhere to order a new one (had a look at the service manual and it seems fairly straight forward).


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        It shouldn't be necessary to replace it, try running descaler through it (the upshot here is that you'll know when the blockage is clear because the solenoid will close, if that doesn't work you can pull the valve and try to clean it manually (or just pull the coil off and dump the rest of the valve in a tub of descaler for a while).

        Hmm, actually, have you done a chemical backflush recently? I suppose it's not impossible that the plunger in the valve could be gummed up with waste coffee oils, might be worth trying that first.


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          Got the valve soaking at the moment, any recommendations for a new valve if required?


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            What do you have it soaking in? Something like Clean Machine triple-action is probably a good choice as it contains detergents and descaling agents.

            Dunno who does SB spares, I recall seeing some references around the forum to some company or other big warehouse spares, or something? You could also try contacting SB directly but I don't know how far you'll get.


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              Thanks for the help!
              I had the valve in descaling agent overnight, took out the solenoid piston and spring to make sure they were okay and gave it a test with the machine semi-assembled and no go, I think it's the solenoid itself - so will have to try and find something to replace it.


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                Just thought I'd follow up incase anyone else has the same issue, purchased part number EM59110 from a site called bigwarehouse.

                Installed it (really wish the top cover came off the machine, ended up with about 50 screws), turned it on, and the coffee's were pouring again straight away.