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Aldi Lumina 1350w 15 bar Italian Pump Espresso Machine

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  • Aldi Lumina 1350w 15 bar Italian Pump Espresso Machine

    Is there any feedback on this machine that will be on sale at Aldi on Wednesday 10th October for $69.99. It's very cheap however I can't imagine the quality is great.
    • 1350W
    • 15bar Italian pump
    • Removable 1.5L water tank
    • Dual stainless steel filter
    • Thermo block heating system
    • Detachable stainless steel frother
    • Removable drip tray
    • Overheat and over pressure protection

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    I would not trust anything coming from Aldi, I would rather buy a second hand machine, but that is just me.


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      My first machine was from aldi. Not worth the time or money


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        For a while I used a little Mezzo Espresso Italiano machine from Aldi.

        It was a thermoblock machine made in Italy and came with single walled filter baskets. Single and double dose with a 15 bar vibe pump.

        With a bit of surfing is made quite acceptable coffee.

        More recent Aldi Machines I have seen come only with dual walled filter baskets.



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          I bought this machine last week as a gift. Got it out of the box and began the 'first time use' instructions. As soon as you put water in the tank it leaks from the bottom of the machine.... Cant obviously get past that to see if the rest of the machine works properly.