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Breville ESP8 (Cafe Roma?) Steam Wand Not Working

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  • Breville ESP8 (Cafe Roma?) Steam Wand Not Working

    Hi All,

    I've been to my local recycling centre again and picked up a Breville ESP8 for $4 as a friend is looking for a cheap / free machine to keep her grumpy husband happy.

    The steam wand doesn't seem to work although once the machine heats it does seem to try to push something out. The unit is utterly filthy as one might expect for something that was sent to the rubbish dump - so the first thing I try will be to give the machine a good clean out. Apparently the steam wand can be removed to clean it.

    If it transpires not to be a cleanliness issue, might someone be kind enough to help me with what else to look for in trying to diagnose this?? I did have a Google and apparently the O Ring above the steam outlet might also be to blame. Not that I actually know what one of those is of course but I have a sneaky suspicion myself and my philips head screwdriver are just about to find out


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    man, i wish i had recycling centres like you have all we have is boring furniture and old things.

    the Roma has no steam control block or any plumbing leading to and from the steam arm, it's driven straight off the thermoblock so the problem will lie in either a faulty steam on signal from the control board, blocked, dirty, broken piping between the pump and thermoblock or in the thermoblock internals or a blocked/dirty steam arm.
    seeing as you said it seems to be trying to pump steam, it would appear that the steam on signal for the control board is working.

    if the o-ring is cracked or worn, the steam function will still work but it'll just leak steam and water out of the top. i doubt the o-ring is the main concern here.
    have you checked that the wand tip isn't clogged with old milk and preventing any steam from getting out? if it's clogged, you'll hear it try to work but no steam will come out, or a tiny bit will just hiss out. i know it's simple but sometimes the simplest of things evade our thoughts.
    i'd say that or a blockage further up the arm is the cause.

    for a quick narrowing down of where the problem lies, remove the steam arm from the thermoblock and activate the steam. if it then pumps steam properly (just out of the thermoblock, be careful cos it'll probably go everywhere) then it's a problem in the arm, if it still doesn't work then it's a problem in the thermoblock/piping.

    like you said, do a full clean and flush of the thermoblock first and clean the steam arm and see how you go.


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      Thanks for that - however I got the wand unblocked but the machine clearly had been specially modified... by a pyromaniac. The thermostat in it was clearly "special" as I discovered when I switched the machine off but left it plugged in. When I went back to dismantle it the blighter was red hot in a melting plastic sort of fashion.

      I therefore read the "this thing will burn your house down" writing on the wall, took the handle and basket off because it fits my other machine and got it the hell out of dodge. LOL. I'm assuming whatever is fundamentally wrong with it is beyond amateur fixage and its not like it's a wonderful machine anyways so I have sent it to espresso heaven.

      The recycling centres are great here, i've had some awesome buys. I also got a Breville breadmaker for $1.50 (it didn't try to burn my house down it makes quite nice bread).