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Sunbeam EM2300 poor steam performance

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  • Sunbeam EM2300 poor steam performance

    I picked up a secondhand sunbeam EM2300 cheaply and it had the usual crud build up and lack of maintenance. I'm trying to get it up and running for a friend and the usual chemical flush and descale seem to have done wonders. However, the steam wand has poor performance after about 20-25 seconds where the pressure slowly degrades down to nothing.

    I've noticed this machine doesn't have the usual steam pumping sound associated with most espresso machines ("tap, tap, tap" with 1/2 second pause between pumps). Is this normal for this model? I'm thinking the pump "should" be supplying the pressure but because it's not the pressure drops off.

    Any help will be appreciated
    cheers guys!

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    Ok, I played a bit more with the machine over the weekend and I think I can answer my own question:

    Firstly, this machine has a boiler not a thermoblock so the lack of pumping sound during steaming is normal.

    Secondly, I googled as hard as I could and found that the steam wand knob and fixtures on these machines seem to clog up fairly easily. So I descaled again, this time allowing an hour or so for it to soak. This seemed to help quite a bit. To fully clean out the steam lines and fittings I carefully dismantled the plastic casing to get access to the steam knob. If you do this you'll see the fittings are fairly easy to remove and are serviceable. So i pulled out the knob internals and scrubbed the fine layer of whiteness off the fittings.

    The steam works ok now. It's fairly week compared to a something like an em3800 or em6910 but that's to be expected for this model.