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Vintage La peppina spring lever ( tips and techniques )

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  • Vintage La peppina spring lever ( tips and techniques )

    I thought I would start a thread for the La peppina, I have been playing around with one for the last week and I am truely impressed,
    I am getting beautifully consistant espresso everytime,using a thermocouple for the boiler temp,
    This is my first time using a old spring lever and I am hooked, as I mainly drink espresso the results from this machine are so much better for me than my pump machines,
    The la peppina paired with my pharos has given me the near perfect shot good body,crema and sooo tasty,

    It would be good to hear from some other La peppina fans as to there techniques etc

    Not sure if this is the correct place for this thread so mods adjust if need be


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    Here is a quick video of this mornings shot

    La peppina spring lever espresso shot - YouTube