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Do I need something better than Gaggia Classic?

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  • Do I need something better than Gaggia Classic?

    Hi all,

    I have been playing during several months with an Europiccola, had a lot of fun and discovered how tricky it might be to get a good espresso shot, and finally manage to (sometimes) produce delicious shots. Because I loved the Europiccola but wanted a machine that allows an easier control of the temperature, I managed to get a Caravel. That's a wonderfully simple machine and can produce sublime ristretto. The only problem is that the Caravel can hardly produce more than 20ml of espresso. My dream machine would be a 58mm gravity-fed lever. If I could find a Mini Gaggia, I think that I would buy straight away...

    It might sound a weird idea, but I am now thinking of getting a Gaggia Classic. No, this would not replace the Caravel, but they would form a team. I just like the idea of getting a cheap 58mm machine, with plenty of spare parts available, that is not too long to heat up, with a reasonable temperature stability. I would PID it straight away. I never drink milk, only consume 3/4 espresso shots a day, and the machine would almost never be used to entertain more than one person. I already have a good grinder (Porlex, a Rosco on its way). Because I have only used lever machine before, I am just slightly worried about the (lack of) pressure profile + pre-infusion of the Gaggia.

    I often read that after a year or so, people want to "upgrade"? Taking my needs into accounts, I simply cannot see why I would upgrade? As I am guessing that many people here have started with a Gaggia/Silvia, I am now curious what made them want to "upgrade"? For example, does a HX+E61 really makes a better espresso than a cheap PIDed Gaggia classic operated by somebody who knows what he is doing?

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    Hi alekk!

    If you're not into milk coffees, then I would think there is little need to go the 'upgrade'. The coffee the Classic produces can be as good as any machine costing much more. I used one for 11 years and finally did go for an HX machine only because one came up at a good price, and I enjoy my morning cappuccino. This machine is certainly better at frothing milk than the Classic, but coffee-wise there's not much, if anything between them IMHO.


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      I replaced the bulky Gaggia Classic steam arm with a Racilio steam arm that came as an extra when I bought it and the difference is amazing. Instead of destroying and bending the original GC steam arm to get the nut off I bought a nut for a couple of dollars and Bob's your uncle.