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What to do with my EM4800c (missing portafilter handle)

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  • What to do with my EM4800c (missing portafilter handle)

    I picked up a EM4800c from eVil Bay for 99c 8-)

    For all intensive purposes the machine appears clean and operational (Steam works, water heats/flows). The only fault with the machine is it did not come with the portafilter handle (or any baskets).

    Now I'm aware these units can be picked up cheap with all the components included, so my question is what should I do with the one I have???

    I really hate throwing out things just because one component fails/is missing.
    The spare parts stores I've checked seem to sell handles for the cost of a complete second hand unit

    I already have an EM6910 for my daily coffee habit so am really looking for either a cheap way to get this unit working or ideas for a DIY project using its components.

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    they are around, watch Gumtree ebay and garage sales for another broken or cheap machine.