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Gaggia Espresso Color retaining ring

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  • Gaggia Espresso Color retaining ring

    I'm assuming this fits in this forum - if not, let me know!
    My 9-month-old Gaggia has a rather annoying problem: inside the filter retaining ring are two small black plastic things - they are what lock the portafilter in place. Unfortunately, they were just glued in place, and the glue has now broken free. What that means is that muck can get under them, they lift up, and the portafilter no longer seals properly. Result = mess. Even if everything is spotlessly clean in there (I've tried!) they still come loose and either stop the portafilter locking in at all, or stop it from sealing properly.
    Now, to be clear what I'm referring to, here's a link (hopefully this isn't against forum rules!):
    Gaggia part FILTERH.RETAIN.RING SS.BOILER NEWGEN S/S 11009073 from Whole Latte Love
    Has anyone else had this problem? I'm not particularly keen on replacing the entire part just for a couple of little plastic things, particularly if it's just going to happen again in a few months time. So if anyone has some alternative suggestions for how to fix it, I'm all ears!