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Breville BES250 - Single wall filters?

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  • Breville BES250 - Single wall filters?

    Hello all.

    I'm new to CS and new to making my own 'real' coffee. I must say I look forward to sifting through the many wonderful and informative posts here.

    My wife bought me a Breville Cafe Venezia (BES250) for christmas just gone and I have been playing happily since then. I have been doing some reading of late on the different machines and on a few place on CS forums other posters have mentioned getting single wall filters for the BES250 rather than the pressurised filters that come in the box.
    I decided to bite the bullet today and after not being able to find any locally (regional SA) I rang the Breville number to order direct. The very helpful lady on the end of the line asked me what model machine I had and then told me the Breville single wall kit (BSWF100) doesn't fit it, even though their web site says that it will.

    Can anyone here confirm what I have been told? Can I get single wall filters for my machine or should I just wear it out and buy a higher end machine when it dies?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    No they'll fit fine. Baskets for the breville line of cheaper machines are the same. I have a spare set that I dont need that I can sell to you cheap plus postage if you want. Might save you a bit of money.
    Pm me if you're interested.


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      Thanks for the feedback and offer noidle22.

      I bit the bullet and bought some anyway from an ebay merchant and they arrived today.
      Threw a quick coffee together at lunch time with mediocre results (still better than instant!!), don't think I tamped hard enough for starters but experimentation will get me there, I need a real tamper too (ebay here I come), but the pucks are much drier than with the double walls so I think that's a good start.

      Now I need to wear my current machine out so I can convince the missus who I have managed to convert from instant that we need a higher end machine to feed our habits.