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EM6910 not working....

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  • EM6910 not working....

    My EM6910 is non functional...

    Switched on warmed up makes all the sounds of a pump working but no water or steam...

    Any ideas anyone ???

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    Hi Rooeey.

    Check that the straw that draws the water out of the reservoir is actually going down when you slide the water tray back in. It can sometimes get caught up.

    Hope this helps



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      Hm... might be the magnet in the water tank, but I don't know if you'd be hearing sounds at all if that wasn't working/in palce.

      Will just go try mine...

      There isn't any straw for water in the 6910 - the water is taken through a valve in the base of the water tank


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        Nope, it isn't the magnet - removing it gave me the beeps but I still got water through both grouphead and steam wand.

        Is your water tank properly seated? When you put it in, there is a final 'clunk' feel when it moves the last tiny bit to engage the valve and then to get it out you have to put your fingers in the hole and lift it slightly for it to move. Maybe you haven't pushed it in hard enough?


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          Perform a factory reset. When I tried changing the settings on one it did what you describe.

          I know you haven't changed anything but it take less than a minute and may work for you.