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Breville 800ES - Thermoblock thickness - sheared screw repair

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  • Breville 800ES - Thermoblock thickness - sheared screw repair


    I am hoping someone can help me out. I went to replace the brew head seal and no matter how much care I took I sheared the screw.

    So I drilled it out and tapped a new thread, however I can't get more than a couple of turns on the tap due to the shallow depth of the hole.

    I want to drill deeper but am worried about drilling straight through the block.

    So can anyone enlighten me as to how thick the block is where the screw for the shower screen goes in?

    I would be very grateful.


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    Bit of an update for those that are interested. I looked into using Devcon which I have used before on engine casings very successfully.
    The idea being to fill the hole with putty and once it's set drill a new hole and tap a new thread.

    However I couldn't find a product that was food grade. Given that there is a chance the hot water will come into contact with the set putty I didn't want to risk it tainting the flavor or worse.

    So given that I have had around 5years faithful service from the 800 I thought it time to retire the old girl. Anyone need some parts?

    I am now VERY eagerly awaiting delivery of my new Silvia V3 purchased today from Coffee A Roma, great service called them today and ordered through Julie, and it was dropped off to Aus Post this afternoon.

    Can't wait to begin the next stage of my snobbery journey


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      If you're looking to pass on some parts a post here would be the place to do so.

      Java " " phile
      Toys! I must have new toys!!!