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Saeco Poemia, advice please

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  • Saeco Poemia, advice please


    I have a Saeco Poemia and want some advice on the porta filter and type of grinder to get. Should I de-pressurise the porta filter or just buy a better one?

    For the grinder, I could spend up to $250-$300. Should I go second hand or new?

    Any advice is welcome.


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    De-pressurising the original pressurised portafilter will allow you to experiment with tamping and grind fineness to get the best out of fresh beans. You will also need to read up here on temperature surfing. Buying a non-pressurised or bottomless portafilter is expensive for this machine and could probably only be re-used on a Saeco Via Venezia or the like. The bottomless portafilter can help though with learning to pack and tamp the filter basket correctly as it shows up channeling quite clearly. Some useful links below.

    The Brevill Smart grinder seems to be the choice for people shopping in your price range. The Compak K3 is the next step up at around $400-$450. Buying 2nd hand can be false economy unless you can verify that the burrs are in good conditon as replacing them can be expensive - $60 to $80 or so for parts only?

    Crew Review: Saeco Poemia - YouTube

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      I ended up finding a second hand Gaggia Classic today for $70 on Gumtree. It works fine (produces great coffee and steam) except the lights on the front don't work. I've taken the lid off to check for a loose wire. The lights did flick on once, but then not again. Does it matter if the lights aren't working? Should I fix it some how? How?

      Any advice is welcome. I'll post this as a new thread.



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        You will need some indication of wether the heater is on or not. And if the temperature is at the right level or not to pull your shot. (Read up on temperature surfing)

        Otherwise, you can get a PID temperature controller or just install a temperature sensor.