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Breville Portafilter Interchangeable?

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  • Breville Portafilter Interchangeable?


    I am looking at getting a Breville Cafe Roma machine (I am only new to roasting and the art of coffee making). It is second hand and doesn't have a portafilter.

    Are you able to use any other breville portafilter for this machine or are these machine specific items?

    I'd prefer not to spend too much until I am a little more experienced. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers Ronnie

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    Any portafilter from the Breville Cafe series (models designated with ESP or BES, up to the BES820 as the 840/60 and 900 use different sizes) will work. If you can, try and get a handle from a BES800 or 820 as they have a much nicer feel and are heavier than those that come with the ESP machines.

    New portafilters are expensive, around $40 for the ESP portafilters and $80-100 for the BES portafilters. That may not sound like much, but comparative to the cost of the machines themselves it is a lot. It would be worth shopping around either for someone selling a portafilter second hand at a reasonable cost or for another machine that comes with a portafilter and baskets. For a Cafe Roma and models similar to it, second hand they're only like $50-100, or so I've found on gumtree and ebay.


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      Awesome. Thanks Noidle22 that is a great help. I'll get to searching