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Best machine for $250 (absolute max price)

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  • Best machine for $250 (absolute max price)

    Hey there fellow coffee fans
    looking to help someone get on the espresso bandwagon by getting them a machine.

    i won't spend more than $250 & the machine needs to be durable above all else.

    I had an Aldi Lumina one, that broke, then got replaced, then the replacement broke, so the Aldi ones are out of the question... (I now have a Breville bes860 & am loving it).

    refurb is ok, if I can check out the machine first (am based in Brisbane)

    thanks in advance for any advice n help !

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    There are a number of used Gaggia Classics on Brisbane Gumtree for 150-250 at the moment...

    That's about the best you're gonna do at that price-point, especially if you need durability...

    I'm guessing they don't have a grinder? That'd be something to encourage them to grab if they end up enjoying the whole espresso thing.


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      It will have to be second hand and a lucky buy at $250 to be something durable. Anything new under that price you are going to struggle to suit what you have asked. On top of that a grinder??


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        Maybe another BES860 as it has an inbuilt grinder if he doesn't already have one?


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          I also can vouch for a BES860 I picked up cheaply recently that can produce very nice rich espresso and produce good microfoam milk. Can say about the longevity but previous owner actually thought machine was broken but it was easily fixed by doing basic cleaning and maintenances.

          A gaggia classic can also be found at Farley cheap price. Today I helped a guy with getting a classic and he bought a cheap sunbeam 480 and I managed to pull a roughly decent shot out of it on the first dial (lucky shot ) with plenty of rooms left to adjust. He tried it after and his shot was far from what you call a good shot but he was so excited he was happy with his result. Atleast he knows the capability of his new machine so he can fine tune his own technique later


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            Awesome, thanks for the advice guys !
            will have a look around gum tree now