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  • Sunbeam Espresso Vita EM6200

    Hi Guys,

    i've just purchased this machine along with a breville smart grinder for $530 from Myer. I have to say i am enjoying the coffee from this combination so much that i have stopped purchasing coffee from the local cafe's at work! i'm a little concerned though, as it only takes about 15 seconds for a double shot to pour - although the "pressure gauge" is showing that i'm on the high side, but still in the orange zone. as far as i can tell, this equates to approximately 10 bar of pressure. i have the coffee ground to the second finest setting, dosed 3 to the left and i'm confident it is tamped correctly.

    I'm using Lavazza beans from coles (my beanbay order arrived today), freshly ground - but the taste is still slightly weak for a double shot. is this normal?

    sorry if my post is a bit all over the place, i'm new to all of this so it's tough to articulate!


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    I had the previous incarnation of that machine.

    It's a decent machine and the Smart Grinder is good as well, so you will be able to make good coffee on it (better than most cafes) as long as you stick to some rules and get 1 accessory for your new machine. Maybe 2.

    New Accessory:
    1. A single-wall, unpressurized basket - eg Single Wall Filter Set | Breville. The basket that comes with your machine does not let you extract the coffee properly.
    2. If after you get this, you can't make a 60ml double in 30 seconds, get the grinder shim kit from Breville. Just call them and say you have a Smart Grinder than needs to grind finer. Install and then adjust your grind until you can a 60ml double in 30 seconds. This again only works with the single-wall basket.

    - Only use freshly ROASTED coffee with a "roasted on" date on the bag of between 1 and 3 weeks ago. Whole Lavazza beans from Coles are already stale before they even get to Coles - let alone your grinder. Buy them from a local cafe that makes great coffee, and ask when they were roasted. If they can't tell you, don't buy them.
    - Grind fresh (already doing that)
    - Get your dose right using the 5 cent test. Search the forum for explanation
    - Start your shot within 5 seconds of loading the handle into the machine

    Get used to doing this for a while, then you can start playing around. Adjust 1 thing at a time (eg grind OR dose OR extraction time) until you find the flavor you want.

    Also, your machine doesn't have any brew pressure regulator other than the pressurized "double-wall" basket, so you'd be getting around 13ish bar. This is ok, so no need to worry.

    Took this video of a shot on my old machine, this is (pretty much) how your shots should look if the above is done correctly You should be getting golden crema, not black or light tan.



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      Thanks Bames,

      i'll certainly try this out. Do the breville filters fit the em6200 basket? i haven't been able to find a single wall filter that mentions the em6200 specifically. i'll order the shim kit now anyway as i have read that >90% of people end up getting it.


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        While I can't guarantee that they fit (as in I'm not going to give you money if I'm wrong!) I'm 99% sure your machine has a 51mm basket, and the Breville baskets are 51mm baskets and fit all 51mm machines that I know of. My old machine was the EM5900, which looks like the precursor to your 6200, and they fit perfectly.


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          I have the em6200 as well and it comes with both double and single wall baskets in the box. The double wall ones have just the one hole coming out the bottom, single wall have little holes covering the wholes base of the basket


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            Thank-you for clarifying this for me...a newbie who is only now acknowledging his addiction to all things coffee :-)