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  • Via Venezia tune up

    Hi all,

    After watching the "tune up" video by Seattle Coffee Gear I think it is time for to do this to my Via Venezia.

    Does anyone know where (in AU) I can purchase the ball valve and spring? So far my search has been fruitless.

    For reference this is the kit (including said valve and spring) sold by SCG:

    Seattle Coffee Gear Tune-Up Kit - Saeco Via Venezia | Espresso Machine Parts

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    Hi there.

    Not sure what you are hoping to achieve by this but I think the phrase "tune up kit" may lead to clients gaining a false impression that the machine is going to run better and their coffee is somehow going to be significantly improved, when it really isn't about the coffee...

    You change a group seal when longer seals. If its not leaking, you don't really achieve anything by replacing a non leaking seal.

    You change the ball valve and spring on aged machines, that are allowing a lot of steam to escape through the group when the machine is in steam mode. Either the (plastic) valve is worn and a bit out of round or (and who can measure this) the spring may be fatigued. It is normal even on new machines of this type to have a little leakage through the group when the machine is in steam mode, and the client needs t decide if or when that amount of normal leakage is getting out of control, and then yo change the valve/spring. It will not improve your coffee, just lessen the amount of steam leaking through the group when the machine is in steam mode.

    After that...its entirely up to you if the machine needs it, or if you just want to do it because you just do

    Saeco is now owned by Philips and you can order / buy parts from any authorised Saeco / Philips dealer.

    Hope that helps.


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      That's not the ball valve in question.

      The Starbucks Barista (my first espresso machine) and presumably the Via Venezia that it is based on, don't have solenoids for controlling the flow of water to the group head. Instead there is a pressure driven valve that opens when the boiler pressure is above a certain level (presumably at least two bar, since otherwise steam would go out the group). If it is sticky or clogged, you might get a hard opening snap, or lower flow rates and a greater pressure differential across the valve than normal, and thus altered pressures at the puck.


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        Thanks for the responses. I wasn't expecting better coffee TOK, I have noticed some leaking when steam is on but nothing excessive. I know that a little is quite normal. The parts are quite cheap so I was considering replacing them to see what difference it makes.

        You comment is very interesting Hildy. SCG have a video that clearly shows these parts being changed on a Via Venezia, though it is the newer model. Perhaps the solenoid and valve are only on the new model and not the older one?


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          The Via Venezia doesn't have the solenoid; it has a valve instead.