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Napolitana / lelit / nemox portafilter size

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  • Napolitana / lelit / nemox portafilter size

    I am in the process of fixing up my parents Napolitana combi machine and was thinking that a second portafilter would be a useful addition. Does anyone know what portafilters fit this machine? Is it only proprietary PFs or are there a number out there? the reason i ask is if I have to buy a PF new its like $80 or so but if there are seaco or similar machines with the same size PF I might be able to grab one from a dead machine somewhere for a better price.

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    I looked into this at one point because I didn't want to cut the bottom out of a new one. They are proprietary unless something has changed recently and I would be surprised if you found one cheaper..


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      If the Lelit PL042 combi has the same 58mm group/ PF as the PL60T, then just about any standard commercial PF will work.
      I've tested a Wega, Nuova Simonelli, La Marzocco and actually use a Rancilio E61 naked PF in my PL60T.
      All fitted and locked in fine with my machine and VST baskets


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        I thought the non dual boiler lelit/nemox etc used 57mm PFs? Maybe all the new ones are now 58mm?



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          The older Imat, Quaha, Lelit models were definitely a propriety 57mm Group...



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            Perhaps sometimes it's just easier to spend a few $$ to get what you need.

            I know that Charlie has stock of regular portafilters as well.

            Lelit Naked Portafilter


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              Definitely 57mm still (I have a new combi). Not aware of any other brands that will fit. I got the naked PF from jetblack recently and am loving it, came with a new basket as well which I wasn't expecting and makes the morning hunt for coffee bits easier.