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Gaggia Deluxe shortout

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  • Gaggia Deluxe shortout

    Hi all, I'm a newer here, but a long time coffee addict.
    Anyways i was cleaning my machine just recently, turning it upside down to take off shower head etc to give it a good clean.

    When i turn it back on, it shorted out the whole house. Went back and reset the power board, and again attempted to turn on coffee machine and house shorted out again.

    So obviously the machine now has a short somewhere in it.

    Any ideas of where i should start to look?


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    Im no sparkie, but sounds like water is mixing with power.
    Leave it unplugged in a warm dry area and come back in a couple of days, if this doesnt fix it get it servced by a pro.


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      I have a number of gaggia classic delux's and service them also,great machine IMHO very little electronics to fail.
      I would firstly unplug your machine and remove the top cover , confirm all electrical wires are attached to their respective pins.
      If all wires are connected as intended then check the back of the three switch assembly for loose wires.
      If correctly and securely connected then possibly when you turned the unit on it's head a "foreign body" may have become loose inside the switch itself,you could confirm this by unplugging all the wires attached to the switch assembly (use your smart phone to record actual wire plug positions before removing any and all wires!).
      Make sure all removed wires are secured and not touching anything and are isoloated,now reconnect your machine to power and turn it on,keep hands etc clear while you do this.
      If power circuits remain unaffected then you can conclude the short is elsewhere.
      Now switch off power (on wall) and remove power plug.
      I'd believe it's most likely a loose wire floating around inside that's shorted the unit,could be the heating element shorting to earth but most unlikely as it occured when you turned it upside down and didn't occure in actual use.
      See what you have so far and get back to us,I keep an eye on your reply for the next course of action.


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        Just checking with you for progress with your classic?
        I've some spare parts you could have for the postage cost and replaced parts posted to me if that helps.
        Otherwise I'm always interested in another classic for repair!