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Saeco Via Venezia Repair or Replace

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  • Saeco Via Venezia Repair or Replace

    Hi there coffee snobs,

    I have a Seaco Via Venezia that is around 10years old. It still works fine except for the pressurised portafilter springs and plastic bits have failed.
    So I guess I now have 3 options and i'm not sure what to do. Any advised would be very much appreciated.
    1. Replace the portafilter with a new one.
    2. Convert to un-pressurised and buy a Brevile smart grinder pro.
    3. Buy a new machine and grinder , but I don't have a huge budget so would probably only be able to get a similar class machine.

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    New ones currently seen on the web for $279 +S10 delivery from a well known sales outlet, Cheers, Ron.


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      10 years shouldn't be a problem for the machine. Cheapest option by far is to buy a new pressurised portafilter. They sell them at the Saeco supplier. If you want to take it to the next level you could get a naked, bottomless, portafilter from seattle coffee gear but then you will also need a half decent grinder.


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        So 10 years is not too old for a coffee machine!

        Perhaps I'll look at either fixing or going unpressurised.

        Is the Breville BCG820 OK? Seems to get good reviews.


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          Been looking around a bit.
          Perhaps it may be better to spend a bit more and get something like the BES870 or EM6910 plus grinder. Thoughts?
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            I decided to get a Breville Smart Grinder Pro and mod it for now. When the machine dies or perhaps at Xmas time, ill get a new toy...:-)