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  • Another what to buy query

    Hi There

    I am upgrading from my moka pot

    I am happy with second hand. It is mainly for 2 coffees at a time some espresso but mostly latte style. I have some previous experience making coffee not for a long while now (think backpacking around Europe lol)

    I am happy to spend up to $500 total and have been looking at everything from the Sunbeam 6910 to the Rancilio Siliva which can apparently be had sometimes for about the $500 with a grinder second hand.

    I would just like it to be fairly simple to use but I want control of my milk and something that makes good milk.

    Any recs please? Or anyone getting rid of something second hand that they would recommend?

    Thank you

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    Hi Pennyc,

    Firstly, welcome to Coffee Snobs! I would say to definitely look around for a second hand Silvia and grinder combo (usually Rocky ), which you should get for that price. It's a hard wearing machine which you can easily get parts for, and also has great resale value. There are quite a few Silvias that have changed hands more than once. I bought mine second hand at 7 years old, and it's doing great - and so continue to do so with good maintenance practices. As long as you're not really doing more than 2-4 milk drinks at a time it will be fine. If you have time to look around, a combo week often get listed in the "for sale" section of the forum. Good luck with it! Cheers, Dave


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      I agree with Dave. While Silvia will need some practice to master it they r a great unit that will pasta long time.

      Unfortunately a Silvia and Rocky combo might be hard to get for $500 probably closer to $600. They do come up pretty often in the "for sale section" but warning they do also sell pretty fast.

      Welcome and good luck on the hunt


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        Thanks guys yes I think that was at the top of my list as a combo. Shame about my desire for instant gratification �� a friendhas an old cafe series they are giving me so I can afford to wait for the right equipment. Will look out for the rocky grinder separately as well