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help me care for my (orange Gaggia) Baby

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  • help me care for my (orange Gaggia) Baby

    Hi Everybody!

    I bought an orange Baby Gaggia from the auction site recently that has a few small issues.

    Firstly, it does not steam. I can pump hot water through the steam wand, but it seems like the boiler will not heat to steam temperature. Are replacement steam thermostats for these little babies available locally (Melbourne area), how much is the fixin' parts and who is the best local Gaggia lover to deal with?

    Secondly, the unit leaks when pumping a shot. Water comes out around the bottom of the top orange bit, near the front right (relative to facing the machine). I assume/hope there is either a damaged hose or a a loose clamp, but I do not know the innards of the machine.

    Any advice from the experts would be hugely appreciated. I am new to delving into the insides of any machine and, just like a good marriage, would like to go in forewarned, forearmed and well-equipped.

    I would also like to add that I love my little Gaggias. Besides from not steaming I am happy with the short blacks it makes, and I also have a fully-operational Gaggia Classic that was even cheaper than the Baby, though arguably nowhere near as groovy (don't tell him I said that).

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    Welcome Goodbyesoberday,
    I have six assorted Gaggia espresso machines,wonderful examples of Italian engineering/design however,despite owning these I always recommend an American site "Gaggia users group", they have such a comprehensive library of useful references material,cannot match for detail and most answers.
    See how you go there and any other problems ask us or the people there,hope you get your machine back to it's new condition.


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      Thanks Mick,

      I will sniff and sort through the gug as time and children (God bless 'em) allow.