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  • Old Machine Info, Cleaning, help

    So, I have been trying to get into the the wonderful craft of brewing espresso. I wanted to start without spending too much money. My wife gave me a budget of $200. Ive been researching for about several weeks on amazon, miscellaneous espresso brand websites, and good old craigslist. Looking at every type of equipment I might need to get started.

    Espresso machine, tamper, grinder, roaster, etc.....the list goes on. I was really surprised with how much equipment i need to do this right.

    I decided to take a leap and buy a machine off of craigslist. It was only $15. SO it wasn't a big leap. I cant find much information about this machine though. It must be pretty old. It is a Coffee Gaggia. If you have any information about this machine, please post. If anyone has used one of these in the past, please let me know what I should look out for. It definitely has a thick layer of dust. The last owner said its been sitting in storage for a long time. The Filter where the water comes out is pretty dirty. It has some coffee grinds still on it. I have not attempted to turn it on or brew with it yet. Anyhow, here are my questions......

    -How should i go about cleaning this machine?
    -Should I take this machine apart and clean inside? If so, what parts should i focus on?
    -How does this machine operate? (im sure its like any other but, step by step instructions are good for a simpleton like myself)
    -any information you think i should know before I begin!

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	coffeegaggia_zps85cced61.jpg
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Name:	Filter_zps917ab9d5.jpg
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Name:	coffeegaggiaserial_zps107f894c.jpg
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      Aloha kmcogar. That looks a lot like a "Gaggia Classic" but in black.

      I would throw it through a full cleaning cycle (backflush and descale) before trying to pull a coffee from it.

      It looks so much like a Gaggia Classic you can google for the cleaning instructions to get an idea on how it is done.


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        Join the Gaggia Users Group and get all the technical help you need. What you have is the older version of Gaggia Classic and from the pics you provided, it is in dire need of a thorough cleaning.


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          There is some useful info at partsguru website, including manuals and diagrams for the various models of the Gaggia Coffee.

          I suspect your machine does not have a 3 way solenoid valve like the more modern Gaggia Classic, so I don't believe you can back flush to clean the group.

          Good luck. The machine doesn't actually appear in bad condition given the age.