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Via Venezia trouble shooting

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  • Via Venezia trouble shooting

    Hi, I recently have had a problem with my Via Venezia (non-presurised PF matched with EM0480 grinder).

    This machine has been solid for years, but recently the shot has no crema and looks like dirty water.

    The grind I use has not changed, beans have not changed, tamp hasn't changed, pull time is still good, nothing else has changed except the result.

    Something is going wrong with my machine, and I would like some suggestions as to what (for what it's worth, the temperature seems good still).


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    Welcome to CS.

    You wrote.

    Originally posted by tc03 View Post
    ...recently the shot has no crema and looks like dirty water.

    ...This machine has been solid for years (***assume you've also had the grinder a while???***)

    .......The grind I use has not changed.......

    ..............I would like some suggestions....
    Going only on what you have advised us:

    Reiterating, you wrote "...the grind has not changed..."

    The grind must change from time to time to take into account the freshness/staleness of the beans (ie as the beans in any particular pack age), and over time with wear, the grind setting will be moving in a "finewards" direction in general.

    Without having the set up in front of me to check first hand, may I suggest, it's not the machine but the GRINDER/grind setting....

    First up, suggest you set the grinder to a finer setting, and see what happens.

    Hope that helps.


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      Hi TOK, I should have said I have already eliminated the grind as the cause - even when it is so fine as to nearly choke the machine the pull is coming out with no crema...and just to reiterate, this problem has come out of the blue...


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        Have you replaced the seal and spring, checked the screen? Is it just with the last lot off beans you bought or has it been consistent the last few bags of beans?