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    Hello all! I'm new (duhh).

    I am a uni student (well, half of a couple really) and I like coffee, as does my addict bf.

    We currently have a $49 Nescafe Dolce Gusto which I HATE. It's broken cos I dropped it when moving houses and I hate the fact that these seem to be the most expensive pods and it does not work with anything else, at all.

    So now that I went through a Costco supply of coffee pods, I am getting a new machine.
    I have $100 and nothing else will convince me to pay a cent more cos this is already a loooooot of money for a struggling uni student.

    I am open to either espresso of capsule machines, or anything really. I need my coffee not burnt, the ability to make weak ones for me and nuclear-strength ones for the bf, and we are milk coffee drinkers (caps, mostly....And yes, I drink soy, lactose intolerance is a b**ch).

    Oh and it has to make a lot of coffee, we have these keep cups that are the size of a smoothie cup...a lot of coffee cos yknow, uni.

    My current options are:
    An ALDI Expressi pod machine - because I hear it runs Woolies Select pods too.

    A Sunbeam Piccolo espresso machine - because its a "real" machine by comparison to pods.

    Or this bargain thing off Catch of the Day called a Sheffield Espresso 4 cup (also only $50).

    I am SOOPER new at coffee and really on a budget so aside from a cheapy machine I'm looking for a set-up that will not be costly to maintain ie no more $13 pod boxes for me.

    Through my mother, I am a fan of ground coffee from Campos or some other cafes in Alexandria (Sydney). Bf is a fan of strong things so he got a grinder and stovetop system for Xmas (since we already had a pod machine). He liked the pods though, but we can obviously do better. So if beans work out cheaper than ground, hey I'm open to suggestions.

    I also cannot afford super fancy anything and in the morning haze before 9 hours of uni/work, neither of us cares too much for the finer aspects of coffee. Guess we're not snobby enough

    Also one more question - to buy in store, online or from the outlets of Melbourne where we may be travelling soon? Which is the cheapest?

    Thank you in advance and remember - I need help on a very firm $100 budget!

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    Oh and I forgot to add - kitchen space is minuscule so something smallish would be ideal.


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      If you're not wedded to espresso I'd consider an aeropress. Cheap, small, clean, makes good coffee. You will need a kettle and to heat the milk though.


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        Yep, go the aeropress. Put a hand grinder on the list for christmas. The best thing you can do is use quality beans, ground fresh


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          have you consider second hand machines? An entry level sunbeam combo may fit into your budget, just make sure that when you buy the machine, ask the owner to make a cup to see theres no pressure or leaking issue. Hope that helps =)


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            I second the 2nd hand machine. Or go for the aeropress or a pourover unit with a hand grinder. Grind quality beans. You can't go wrong.


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              If you don't go for the aeropress think about a stove top. Eg from one of the sponsors
              Bialetti Moka Express
              Stove Top Coffee Makers
              Can often pick one up in an op shop.

              My daughter recently confessed to buying a cheap pod machine. Says it not as good as what I make but better than instant.


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                Welcome " bluey14"...

                My recommendation also, would be to grab an AeroPress (~$50) and scout around for a reasonable hand-grinder or a good condition used Sunbeam or Breville Burr grinder. Using freshly roasted high quality coffee (NOT supermarket coffee), only ground immediately prior to making a brew. You will, in a very short time, be able to make some superb coffee with such a combo and never, ever head back to Capsules or Pods again...