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    Hi There,

    Yes I know the name of the thread will be off putting for a lot but please read through.

    so here is my story:
    For Christmas I received and Aero-press this was put into the dishwasher accidentally which completely ruined it, So this left me to what
    I should do for Coffee. The main thing I didn't like the Aero press is that I never got a Crema while it was nice coffeeI know having a crema produces better flavour.

    So I did my research on the Pod Machines the major concerns I found was.
    • Wastage and Expensive
    • Limited Coffee Choices Available

    This lead into more research about the possibility of a reusable pods I found that most of the re-usable pods were just as bad as buying the expensive pre packaged pods with the exception of
    opening up coffee choices while wastage and somewhat expensive was still an issue until I found.

    Starter Set GAMMA | mycoffeestar

    This wasn't the exact one I found a seller on eBay with a very similar product who seems to have disappeared but I did receive the product.

    So with this information I realised this pod only worked with the Nespresso machines, I didn't have a big budget so I went close to entry level machine.
    So can someone tell me with the issues of now Wastage, Expense & Limited Choices Available with a 19 Bar Pressure machine what could be so bad about capsule machines?

    I have found the pre ground coffee works just as good as a commercially packed pod, I am now trying to work on grinding up my own coffee I can get an ok extraction after running the machine through a few cycles.
    I am pretty sure its ether because the coffee has come from the freezer packed in the pod or my cheap grinder just does't give me enough options. It is once again pretty entry level and it doesn't have burr blades.

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    Originally posted by Samb0123 View Post
    I am pretty sure its ether because the coffee has come from the freezer
    Did I read that correctly? You don't store your coffee in the freezer do you?

    Please don't say you do......



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      I recently bought my daughter some refillable pods for her Dolce Gusto, she comes over regularly for a coffee from my shiny Italian machine. She was complaining about the cost of the capsules so I got her the reusable ones and grind coffee for her to take away and use in her pod machine. I found that the grind that I use for my espresso machine to be just a bit too fine for the pod, so I grind her coffee a bit coarser. I found that if using fresh coffee and ground correctly, it produced an acceptable amount of crema and, to my surprise, produced a reasonable coffee, I've had worse in cafes with good machines. If you get a reasonable grinder and use fresh coffee, the coffee can be good.


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        One of the problems with even the re-fillable pods is the very small amount of coffee you can make out of 5-7 grams of grounds.

        In my home set-up I use just over 18 grams for a single ristretto.