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Gaggia Baby pre 2006 overhaul

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  • Gaggia Baby pre 2006 overhaul

    I have wanted to delve into the innards of an espresso machine.....
    Also half the family use those awful pod machines, mediocrity at $150 a kg troubles my conscience, so I needed a traveling machine .
    Have lost the before image, retro shick 90's and Gaggia lights up when you turn it on !!! Much better than dull shiny stainless.
    So to the teardown

    Leaking Boiler, no suprises.

    I love this type of equipment, always a delight to repair.


    One rock hard group head seal, fully blocked shower screen and grungy holder...Cool!!!

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    So progress slowed by a boiler bolt corroded into the group. Can't believe the house I am minding doesn't have a drill press !!
    Citirc bathed and honed boiler:

    Assortment of clean valves:

    And a trip to Dandeonong for new o rings, 4 sets, so I have spares for the next Gaggia

    May have to clean out the bolt hole on the group, braze, drill and re-tap. Either way a bit of screw lock to seal the thread will prevent it happening again.


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      Gaggia rebuild

      Great job,so far..I've found bee's wax a great means of aiding reconnecting any copper/brass connectors,much less chance for cross threading fine brass threads.
      The steam valve seat is often an irritation to owners because of excessive wear and lacking access to the worn seat itself ,lathe helps or you could carefully file away the crimp to allow disassemble and repair to shoulders of seat & "o" ring change.
      The group handle is a poor design , despite a number of changes with the design,the same problem (cracks/slitting) persists,usually caused by users apply excessive force,due to dodgy sealing gaskets.I use epoxy,fill the hollow handle,mask tape it up to stop liquid escaping and when cured...never cracks/splits again no matter who uses it!
      Cheers,with your challenge,


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        mulquemi thanks for the tips, did notice the steam valve dripping when I tested initially but it was out done by the group seal and the boiler

        Working away as a I get a little time here and there. Had a happy moment with drilling out the broken boiler bolt, managed to stay centered, no brass was harmed. When I ran an intermediate tap in the thread cleaned out, as a bonus the tap picked up the shell of the last 4 threads of the old bolt in the bottom of the hole. That is a fluke.
        Forthe M5 and M6 bolts I will use some screw lock, works well to seal out moisture.

        One question I did have is steam valve to boiler seal. The boiler has a chamfered hole with a seal to suit. Substituted an o ring of correct diameter and 2 mm cross section, decided to add a second to get a good seal. Is the original seal still available?


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          I got a steam valve for one of these models delivered to me by mistake. In Bayside Melbourne, but also Sydney CBD every week. PM me if you are close/interested


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            Very nice progress


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              Sorry about the late reply.....birthdays taking place here ,take priority.
              The seal between steam valve body and boiler is pretty special,considering the heat,I've never replaced it on any gaggia model,they have never leaked in my experience.
              Adding additional seals,if they fit,shouldn't be a big deal,I don't see the need.
              Otherwise how did you go,all done and beautiful?