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  • Help with Saeco Bar 2000

    I've just picked up one of these machines and I know this is a pretty simple thing to do but I'm having trouble getting the basket to hook onto the machine. I'm wondering if there's a special trick to get it to attach or perhaps there's just something broken in my machine. The basket has two hooks and on the machine where you attach the basked there are two indents for the hooks, I can get hooks into the indents but I can't seem to twist and lock the basket in position. Sorry this is such a newbie question!

    Also if anyone has a manual and is willing to scan it and share online that would be fantastic too!

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    Hello and welcome to this forum,I have several odd (but similar to your machine) espresso machines,I've found that trying them out initially, without water or connection to power.
    Turn the whole thing upside down,in your out for the bean hopper.
    Using the correct group handle,carefully mate up the ear's /lugs to the machine.If you aren't able to correctly fit the group handle(portafilter),check for obstruction in the group head area (loose or built up coffee debris,other stuff!!!
    Another thing,confirm the handle is the correct handle to suit your machine.
    Some similar machines have a synthetic material fixed to the group head mating lugs,these can become dislodged or distorted to the point of preventing handle being fitted.
    With the unit upside down,take some snaps and post them here,we should be able to assist from there.