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  • EM4800c - improvements

    We have one of these in our campervan. It works well for us, I do not want one with a computer chip in it as sometimes we use in on a modified sinewave generator, and that is not good for machines with computer chips in them. Ask me how I know!

    Anyway, I am on the lookout for a better group handle( portafilter-what is the right term?)
    I do not like the ones with the plastic inserts.
    And I wonder if the above machine would work with a single wall filter, I use a VST single shot basket in the EM6910 in the house.
    Would this work in my EM4800c.


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    I have been looking for a single walled basket for one of these machines.

    Found one, but also want a VST basket, these baskets are 53mm, the sponsor on the site only has the larger diameter baskets that fit the EM6910 etc.

    Can anyone tell me who would have the smaller diameter VST baskets for the EM4800c.



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      Not much you can do about the plastic insert in the group handle. All the 51mm handles on the market for the various branded machines have this insert, I've yet to see one without the insert as standard.

      What you could do is remove the insert and then plug the hole where the retaining screw used to be and it should then work like normal.

      The single walled basket would be a good upgrade if you have a good grinder to go with it. Not sure if VST make a 51mm basket but Breville and Sunbeam sell single wall baskets.

      Another option is to take a dremel to your standard double wall baskets and cut off the bottom plate which will then turn it into a single wall basket. To be honest, I'm not sure how much gain you would get going with a VST on this machine. Using the standard single wall basket will probably be enough after some practice with it.


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        oops, 51, not 53, DOH, no wonder I can't make coffee1


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          I had read elsewhere as well as above about using a single walled basket.
          I was a bit apprehensive as I thought the machine would not be up to it.

          I am pleased to say I was wrong, single walled cups arrived today.
          So I made a single shot for lunch, grind from BGC450 grinder which has been modified.

          Best shot I have ever had from the coffee machine, out go the dual walled baskets!
          The puck was firm, something that never happened with the dual walled single shot.
          Now for a naked P/F so I can see what is happening.