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51 mm baskets C/F larger baskets

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  • 51 mm baskets C/F larger baskets

    I have been playing with the 51 mm baskets in my EM5600,
    Single walled, naked P/F.

    Still haven't got them dialed in like I have with my EM6910.

    Question is, is it more difficult with smaller diameter baskets than larger ones.
    I intend to keep at it, and have been playing with extending the preinfusion time to see if that makes a difference, and I think it does.

    Any pointers and experiences welcome.

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    Ah well no one had any pointers, no worries.

    Today I got a Krups single shot single walled basket from Mark at Pullman Expresso. (More on that in a minute)

    What a difference, I had graduated from the supplied dual wall basket to the Breville single walled basket, with a Naked P/F to see what was happening.
    Today, with the my first try on the Krups basket with 16gm I got the best pour from the EM5600 that I have done so far.
    It is not as good as the shot I can pull from my EM6910 with the VST, but it is close, to my taste and the look of the pour.
    More playing might improve things.

    Thanks to Mark.

    Mark told me there could be a 6 week wait when I ordered the Krups basket as he was trying to source it, he did not have it in stock.
    The basket got here to me in Southland NZ in less than 10 days.

    Simply stunnning service, and for such a small item.

    I got a 15gm VST for the EM6910 at the same time, it goes well too.
    My wife likes a weak shot, so I never told her I made her one with the 15gm
    VST, she said, "that was nice thank you".

    I don't know how or why the shots from the VST baskets seem sweeter, but they do.