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The Duo Temp Pro (BES810 and BCG400 Combo) First Impressions

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  • The Duo Temp Pro (BES810 and BCG400 Combo) First Impressions

    Hi All,
    I just wanted to recap my experience with this machine I have had for the last couple of weeks.
    As a recap I had an early model ES800 which I had purchased I think around 2006 or thereabouts and was using the single walled basket with a BCG820 grinder.
    It wasnt pretty - I would wait for the thermostat to switch off the red light, and then extract. The pump sounded on the edge, pulsing like it was just about to choke, and water was leaking out on the left hand side of the group, and I had just blasted out the bottom of the large double basket . Anyhow, the coffee was still extracting ok with the small basket, and I liked the front tank access, but enough was enough. I had to make the call and it was time to put the 800ES aside - I had my heart set on getting a BES920 dual boiler so I had been biding my time until I had the opportunity hoping it would hold together.
    But not yet.
    Along comes a deal on ozbargain - the "Breville Duo Temp Pro" with a BCG400 grinder for less than what I paid for the ES800 almost 10 years ago...
    It looks a little bit like the ES800, but the tank is at the back, and it is much lighter. Locking the portafilter moves the whole machine easily.
    From the spec sheet, it would appear Breville stripped everything out to make it cheap enough:
    - no volumetric metering
    - no single/double cup memory
    - no pressure gauge
    - no temperature adjustment

    However, look at the features they left in - makes it an intriguing option:
    - PID temperature control factory set to 93°C (not user adjustable). I thought I read somewhere it holds it to +/- 1°C of the setpoint.
    - automatic purge of hot water (when making steam or hot water), so as the brew temperature remains at its set point.
    - low pressure pre-infusion

    So I grabbed a machine and was impressed at the coffee and steamed milk I could get out of it.
    The additional grinder, whilst nothing like the BCG820, is manual with no timer or automatic activation, however it does have a handle for the 53mm Portafilter. I set it up for decaf and kept the BCG820 for the regular beans.

    Nice things I discovered using the machine:
    - steam wand with a constant diameter - looks good, steams reasonably and is easy to clean. (i.e. no hexagonal or larger piece on the end like the ES800 or even the newer 920)
    - powers down after 30 minutes or so if not used (I dont know how many evenings I had noticed the ES800 had been on all day...)
    - extraction stops after a minute or so. If it stops, its a good sign I need to check my grind again or take it easier on the tamp.
    - The puck comes out of the basket so nicely(especially the large single walled) dry like a cooked biscuit.

    Here's one of the extractions the other day - medium roasted supermarket beans, and to me it was a nice coffee.


    Now I have the BES920 coming in and I am kind of feeling a bit torn...

    I like the little BES810 - no bells and whistles but it delivers more than expected.

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    An update to this machine, after seeing a strange yin-yang style pattern on the top of the puck, I noticed the showerscreen was only delivering through one half - the shop said they would exchange it.
    Hopefully wont have to wait too long for the replacement...


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      Harvey Norman supplied a replacement - coffee still extracting ok.


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        Originally posted by pete2 View Post
        An update to this machine, after seeing a strange yin-yang style pattern on the top of the puck, I noticed the showerscreen was only delivering through one half - the shop said they would exchange it.
        Hopefully wont have to wait too long for the replacement...
        That cup does look like was from the Farmers. lol

        I am too interested into the 810/400 combo which is NZD399. But also think of the pressure gauge of the BES840 and additional fine adjust of the BCG600/820. Do you find it is necessary to have the pressure gauge and the additional finer adjustment on the grinder?

        Thanks guys.
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          Does any one know if the micro-adjust ring of the BCG820 Pro can be installed on the BCG400? Cheers.


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            An update - the replacement of the faulty machine meant I had to exchange the grinder too (which was working fine, but was part of the rule to exchange it), resulting in a new grinder that was too coarse on the finest setting, resulting in a gushing extraction no matter what.
            Anyhow, not wanting to chance a worse espresso machine in a new set, I sent the grinder in to the service centre, and after 2 weeks Breville kindly replaced it with a BCG600 "Dose Control Pro", which is an upgrade for the BCG400 (timer control and locking removable hopper) with features I find particularly useful.
            I am not sure if the micro adjust rings from the 820 will work on the 400, they do look similar though, and have a similar diameter.
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              Hi Pete, I also have the same machine and grinder, so far I thought it was Ok. but now that you mention the fault with the showerscreen I think mine has the same issue.. I just see water coming from the right site of the shoerscreen.

              once yours was replaced. Was the showerscreen pushing through water evenly? did the shot improved? just looking for an advise...really appreciate it.

              Originally posted by pete2 View Post
              Harvey Norman supplied a replacement - coffee still extracting ok.


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                Hi @alarcilam - the replacement was perfect, uniform again however I went and spoke to a repair technician afterwards about this issue to try and find out more about what was going on.
                His suggestion was that the replacement may not have been necessary if it was a build up of coffee oils on the other side of the showerscreen. Apparently you can remove it with an allen key and clean the other side if it gets like this.
                Have you running it with a cleaning tablet and rubber pad in the portafilter?
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                  Hi @Pete, thanks for your assistance.. totally spot on.. I just removed the showerscreen and that side was full of coffee grinds. it may build up overtime especially when overdosing the basket.

                  After cleaning it up it was back to normal. However I noticed the water dispenser by design pushes water from the right side only.. that's why the water pressure in that side is always stronger than the left side allowing the left side to be more vulnerable to coffee grinds obstruction.

                  Regular cleaning would be necessary to keep it consistent.



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                    That's great to hear. Hopefully that will keep it working properly - I guess they should mention this in the manual, seeing as it sounds like it will probably need attention every few months or so.
                    When its on song, it makes good coffee - so its worth it to keep it at its best!
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                      My BES810 finally broke. The steam wand broke off mid-use.

                      Can anyone recommend any places to watch for old half busted Breville's to salvage for parts? Other than gumtree. Or any coffee equipment stores that might stock seconds of this stuff? (Acknowledging that these are not high end machines! might be hard to find).