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Breville BES250 + Hario Mini Mill = No Crema

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  • Breville BES250 + Hario Mini Mill = No Crema

    Hi All,

    Need some of your sage advice. I recently got back into coffee and broke out my old Breville BES250 (hopefully someone has had some experience with it) and was hoping to make some decent coffee with it again, failed though; consider me a beginner. Have some fairly fresh beans (roasted on the 1st of September), ground fine with my Hario Mini Mill (5 clicks) then packed into the Breville's pressurised basket, slight tamp. However getting no crema, what am I doing wrong?

    I've done limited further experiments such as finer grind and more tamp pressure, but that resulted in longer extraction. Suggestions?

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    Welcome to CS!

    Did you do the usual housework to clean the machine prior to use?

    Could the beans be "too" fresh ? What beans are you using ?


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      Thank you GreenBeanGenii. I believe I do, although I wouldn't be surprised if I am missed something. Recently decalcified the machine, always purge the group head before use and rinse everything else immediately after.

      Was roasted on the 1st of September, so it can't be too fresh? At the moment, I am using a Rainforest Alliance Ipanema beans from The Coffee Company. I'll check when I get home. Could that be the issue?


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        Originally posted by sukaiz View Post
        then packed into the Breville's pressurised basket
        Could this be the problem? Do you have a single wall/un pressurised basket to try as well?


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          Thank you kyeba. I believe I may have one. If I find it and I will try and report back! Thanks.