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Help - breville 800es - steam wand leak/dripping

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  • Help - breville 800es - steam wand leak/dripping

    Hi again guys,

    I have a little problem with my machine (2 months old machine).

    Recently, I left it turned on for quite long time and when I returned to make a coffee the steam wand is kinda lose and not tight like it was before. When I started to steam milk a little dripping of water is coming from the top of the joint. I suspect that the seal wore off since I left it turned on for long time and the temperature/heat affected the seal.

    Do you think guys it is worth it to replace the seal and purchase a SEAL KIT?

    Please do advise...

    Thanks in advance


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    Hi, first try just tightening the steam wand nut. Sometimes it will loosen off and give these symptoms.

    The teflon steam seal cups should last several years and should not need to be replaced yet.

    If you tighten it up and it still leaks then they may need to be replaced. I can supply these for you much cheaper than ebay sellers (they add a markup of around 800% on the cost price of the parts).
    Let me know if you need them.