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  • USED Ascaso Uno

    Hi there, I'm in Canada and am new to this forum. Tried the search function but didn't have much luck.

    I have been using an used Starbucks Barista machine for over a year and have found an used Ascaso Uno for $200 CAD/210 AUD (manufacturered in 2006). Is it worth upgrading? Also how risky is it to buy a 2006 machine and what should I be paying attention on when checking the machine? Thx

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    I have an ascaso dream and have managed to wrangle some really great coffe from it. I'd expect the uno will do the same. Build quality on my dream has been a1. Not an issue in over 6 years. I'll let more experienced people discus what you need to look out for given this machine's age.


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      Is it the standard Uno or the Professional? I believe the standard is thermoblock and the Pro is boiler, is that right? Does anyone know? I've heard that they are capable machines. The odd one has problems with leaks etc, but any machine is open to those issues. If I had a chance to get a Duo Pro I wouldn't hesitate as it's a dual boiler. Not so sure about the Uno, but if it's in good working condition it could be worth a try.