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  • WillI get banned! Nespresso

    Perhaps I will get banned for asking such an outrageous question!
    But here goes!

    I have a rental place, for weekend stays.
    I was wondering if the Nespresso makes coffee a step better than instant.

    I would be surprised if it didn't.

    So does anyone have any enlightening comments to make.
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    Probably, but why pretend that they're the only two choices? Plunger / Aeropress / Mokapot / entry-level espresso machine with fresh beans (even if you have to grind them before you go....and seal them up) will give you better coffee.


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      We have the top of the range Nespresso at work. Used it once and never again. Aeropress, Lido, and freshly roasted beans for this little black duck. The display on the Nespresso pod container will show you all the delightful varieties of stale coffee on offer. A nice Ethiopian SO ground through a decent hand grinder will blow all of them away every time.


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        I will probably get banned too but as a newbie who doesn't have the money for a new set up and was given a Nespesso for a gift...I can say it is A good beginning. It set me on the path and for those who havent tried the complexity of a fresh ground single origin, they will be happy. I think it is great in a situation of short stay. Simple , no mess, none can really ruin your coffee machine. It has its place and for me it is much better than nescafe.


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          We attended a Christmas gathering of friends a week or so back, the hostess was dispensing coffee from a brand new $300 Nespresso device, she explained they couldn't be bothered with all of the pfaffing around that comes with espresso machines/grinders etc, realised the Nespresso didn't make the greatest coffee, however it was a convenience thing and in her opinion the coffee it dispensed was "good enough"

          And therein lies a big part of the answer, convenience, the trade off being quality or lack of.

          The majority of coffee drinkers will trade convenience for quality every time, I suspect we so called snobs are the ones marching to the beat of a different drum.

          BTW, I thought the coffee being served from the machine mentioned was horrible, barely recognizable as coffee, however most of the guests declared it good, were they being honest or massaging the truth, who knows

          All down to convenience and personal taste, or lack of, and as Coffeedreamer has just mentioned price certainly comes into the equation, we don't all have the resources to spend two or three thousand on coffee machinery.

          So, to all the pod users, Merry Christmas, enjoy your coffee, and to all the snobs, lets cut the pod users a little slack.


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            The answer is yes.

            We need to look we are a small minute subsection. My work has the Nespresso commercial machine. Is it drinkable. Yes. Is it as good as fresh coffee no.

            Someone in the car game explained this way to me.
            Instant is like driving on a hot day with no aircon. Sure you can do but it's not really comfortable

            Nespresso is is like driving a 15 year old Hyundai excel with air con. It's a lot better having air con and it does the job but you'll never hop out with a smile on your face.

            Fresh coffee is like driving a brand new car. You wake up and smile just knowing that you have great aircon all the comfort and might actually look forward to driving.

            So do I drink the Nespresso in work. Occasionally yes.


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              It's better than instant....but that's about as generous as I'm going to get. I hate pods with a passion, and not because the coffee out of them is ordinary.


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                For the rental I am looking for something better than instant, which I dislike with a passion, I once thought it was good.

                But beans, and an espresso machine are not for a rental.
                Too much to go wrong.

                So many thanks to all the contributors, your comments help.

                And yes I am a coffee snob too, my EM6910 with VST basket makes a very very drinkable shot.
                But no way would I put it in a rental.

                And I see you can buy reusable pods and fill them yourself.
                Perhaps I can grind my beans, pack the pods and see if it turns out any good.

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                  Sorry, my post was next to useless.

                  I'd be using an Aeropress before using a pod machine, even if I had to pre-grind the beans. (which wouldn't be my preference). The only time I wouldn't say that was if the drinker liked weak, blonded coffee.
                  If I got a Nespresso as a gift, I'd be rude enough to re-gift it or sell it and buy an Aeropress, Moka pot, or pourover.
                  I don't have many friends.


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                    WillI get banned! Nespresso

                    For a rental? Are you saying that you own a rental property of some sort and you are supplying a coffee machine for your tenants? Or are you living in a periodic rental and your 6910 is in storage? I don't understand, please explain.


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                      If I were renting somewhere for a weekend holiday, I'd probably duck out to the local Cafe. If there wasn't one I'd drink instant or nothing, given its only a night or two. I'm not sure there's a between for me. HOWEVER if the place was selling the presence of a coffee maker as a value add, I'd feel compelled to use it (pod, espresso) just to get my money's worth. Depends if you think it'll make your place feel upmarket or not. I doubt casual coffee drinkers will care, and snobs won't use it anyway, so don't reckon it's worth the bother.


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                        Originally posted by LeroyC View Post
                        For a rental? Are you saying that you own a rental property of some sort and you are supplying a coffee machine for your tenants? Or are you living in a periodic rental and your 6910 is in storage? I don't understand, please explain.
                        I own a house we are letting out for weekends, like a holiday home.


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                          We stay in B&B's a bit and many have Nespresso. I prefer my aeropress but my wife and friends usually go for the Nespresso. (I think they take pity on me as I sit there with my hand grinder). Needs to be looked after though. One of the places we go to doesn't and that one isn't as good as instant. Bit of kitchen bling never hurts anyway.


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                            Go to your nearest Nespresso shop/demo-stand (in a department store) and sample. I think it is quite a few steps above instant. So that's precisely what you're after.


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                              WillI get banned! Nespresso

                              Originally posted by rawill View Post
                              I own a house we are letting out for weekends, like a holiday home.
                              Ah ok. So it's not a necessity just an extra luxury for your guests. Personally I'd prefer a high quality plunger and a basic conical burr grinder. You could provide preground in a bag or sachets, but the presence of a grinder means the guests can bring or buy their own fresh beans if they wish. Don't forget that the humble plunger is still the most used domestic coffee 'appliance' in New Zealand so most people are happy to use one.